When Life Gives You Lemons

Welcome friend,

While this had started as a home for just my Sim-based stories, it has now grown to include a variety of stories from different inspirational sources, as well as other creative works from my daily life!

Here you will find my collection of personal literature, the things that inspire and bring me joy, and general documentation of my creative journeys through different crafts and hobbies.

In my story telling, I’m attempting to explore deeply emotional and often difficult topics. Sometimes these can be triggering, and often they are outside my realm of expertise. I endeavor to do research to properly reflect something I have not personally experienced, but when it comes down to it these are works of fiction and are largely from one perspective. Regardless, I enjoy diving into different topics and trying to understand other walks of life.

In the Sims, I allow myself to be more open to interruptions in plans, and approach every-day life styles with a realistic perspective. My Sims develop natural habits like brushing their teeth every morning, stopping whatever they’re doing to kiss their kids goodbye before school, and chatting with their spouse before bed every night.

As my database of stories grows, I hope you enjoy my creative library and feel free to comment with your favorite passages, critique, advice, or comments. I enjoy engaging with my audience, just like I do with my characters.

Thank you for visiting!