When Life Gives You Lemons

Welcome friend,

Much of my game play has revolved around controlling the lives of my Sims – aiming to get perfect grades, building skills to get an early advantage in their career, having only one child in order to focus entirely on them.

I’m challenging myself to change that gameplay, not just for an individual challenge but overall to enhance and extend the variety of stories I discover.

Now, I’m not against encouraging my Sims to put their best foot forward, but I’m attempting to be more open to interruptions in their plans, and approaching their every-day life styles with a realistic perspective. My Sims develop natural habits like brushing their teeth every morning, stopping whatever they’re doing to kiss their kids goodbye before school, and chatting with their spouse before bed every night.

As my database of stories grows, I hope you enjoy my creative library and feel free to comment with your favourite passages, critique, advice, or comments. I enjoy engaging with my audience, just like I do with my Sims.

Thank you for visiting!