2020 Book List

Book Plan
Week 1: The Awakening by Kate ChopinReason | Review
Week 2: The Will Of The Empress by Tamora PierceReason | Review
Week 3: Elsie’s Children by Martha FinleyReason | Review
Week 4: Prey by Michael ChrictonReason | Review
Week 5: The Sari Shop by Rupa BajraReason | Review
Week 6: The Talisman by Walter ScottReason | Review
Week 7: The Name Of The Wind by Patrick RothfussReason | Review
Week 8: The Old Country by Mordicai GersteinReason | Review
Week 9 Part 1: The Hostage Heart by Gerald GreenReason | Review
Week 9 Part 2: They Came To Stay by Marjorie Margolies and Ruth GruberReason | Review
Week 10: The Golden Compass by Philip PullmanReason | Review
Week 11: A Game Of Thrones by George R. R. MartinReason | Review
Week 12: Persuasion by Jane AustenReason | Review
Week 13: Wicked by Gregory MaguireReason | Review
Week 14: Kidnapped by Robert Louis StevensonReason

A Book A Week
The challenge is simple to explain. Read one book every week for the entire year, or, in theory, the rest of your life. Doing so serves to increase one’s creativity, vocabulary, and mental sharpness.

What Got Me On This Band Wagon?
I’ve always described myself as a reader and a writer. In recent years, I’ve written a lot more than I used to and though I don’t have anything published, I’m still proud to call myself a story teller.

As much as I claim to be a reader, when I really look at my bookshelves I realize I’ve read very little, especially in recent years. I thought reading a book a week would be a challenge not only due to the sheer number of words that will be to ingest, but the difficulty of finding 52 books.

It shouldn’t have been such a surprise to me that I had far more than 52 books to read!

What My List Involves
I’m a huge lover of fantasy. As an attempt to widen my perspective, I will limit the number of fantasy books this year. My main goal is to work through my unread shelves, and also read a number of the beautiful antiques that otherwise only decorate my shelf.