Glassbolt Prison

I am attempting the Glassbolt Apocalypse Challenge with a bit of a twist:

There has been no apocalypse, and Glassbolt is actually the name of a prison town where criminals with life sentences are placed. Guards only patrol the walls, and for the most part don’t govern what goes on inside Glassbolt. But the prisoners certainly do.

Warning: Overall story rated a soft-R for coarse language, mild violence, and gender/racial/discrimination issues. Individual chapters will not have ratings at the beginning, as I find these to be as much spoilers as they are ratings. Proceed at your own caution.


Join the fun in our discussion thread for the Briar Gang! There are bonus screenshots and constant chatter about the challenge for those who follow on the forums.


To complete the Apocalypse challenge. Estimated 25 generations.

I aim to develop the world in a logical way depending on what my Sims have access to, instead of choosing random careers, in order to further add to the difficulty. (For example, my first Sim can’t be an astronaut because a rocket in the backyard is pretty obvious.)

Story style:

For obvious reasons, this is going to be largely game-driven, however I intend to add as much social drama as possible.

The writing will be third-person limited with a variety of characters, and to make it more difficult, each chapter may NOT follow the same Sim followed in the previous chapter.

Ground rules:

I am following ALL of the Glassbolt Apocalypse Challenge rules except for one minor thing.

I’m keeping a walk-in closet on the lot (locked up and unusable by my Sims except to change townie’s outfits to fit the story).

1.1: Entering Glassbolt
1.2: Trust
1.3: White Knight
1.4: Expansions
1.5: Reputation
1.6: Dealing With Danger
BTK: Glassbolt Cheating
1.7: Confrontation
1.8: Briar Patch
1.9: Thief, Reprise
1.10: Finding Purpose
1.11: Feeling Fault
1.12: Never Again
1.13: Abundance
1.14: Life Sentence

2.1: Shift
2.2: Second Chances
2.3: The Mighty Fall
2.4: Thick As Thieves
2.5: Helping Hand
2.6: Judge And Jury
2.7: Same
2.8: Nobility
2.9: Victory
2.10: Stormy Forecast
2.11: Our Own World
2.12: Results
2.13: Sparring
2.14: (Releasing 5/02/2018)

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