How To Live With Grace


This is not exactly a legacy story, nor is it even a challenge.  Although I am not following the majority of rules nor using the points system related to the legacy challenge, I do have a loose set of rules that I’m going to follow that are similar.

Like any person, the main character will have an idea of what they want to do with their life.  However, the story is going to be game-driven with a large random element.  For all decisions (traits, career paths, pop-up decisions) I am deferring the option to my fiance Jason, who has minimal understanding of how The Sims works, has never played before, and is generally entertained by chaos.


26 Generations, each with their own book.

Story style:

I intend to write each book as a standalone sequel.  Basically, you should be able to jump into the story at any book, without needing backstory, but the experience will be richer if you have knowledge of past generations.

Ground rules:

  1. Aging set to normal.  No use of life-extending potions (long-life trait from health/exercise ok)
  2. New book starts with heir reaching adult age and moving out of the house within 3 days of aging up.
  3. Each generation will have at least 2 children, with the heir always being chosen by the community before the eldest comes of age.
  4. No custom sims will be moved into the household.  Spouses will always be townies.
  5. Each successive generation’s names will start with the next letter of the alphabet following their parent-heir.  This is mostly to keep track of the generations.
  6. I am not using cheats that directly benefit the success of the sim, only those that help for story telling and screenshots.


Join the fun in our discussion thread for the Grace family! There are bonus screenshots and weekly topics for those who follow on the forums.

Grace Family Tree

There is now a frequently updated Family Tree hosted over on PlumTree. Warning – there are definitely spoilers in this tree!

Speed Reading…With Grace

For those who want the fast track to catch up to current generations, or a refresher on what happened in prior books, please check out the heir’s autobiographies!

How To Live With Grace

5.1: Library
5.2: Pancakes and Preparations
5.3: Unannounced
5.4: Greener Grass
5.5: Surprise
5.6: Book Love
5.7: First Day
5.8: Jana’s Dream
5.9: Crush
5.10: Greetings
5.11: Staged
5.12: Dinner
5.13: Education Needed?
5.14: Schooling
5.15: Best Friends
5.16: Work
5.17: Second Chance
5.18: Second Date
5.19: Hey Chicka
5.20: Time Spent
5.21: Seasons
5.22: Holiday Hero

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